Friday, 17 May 2013

The Kingdom

"Night had fallen over the Mangor Mountains, bringing with it a strange silence that filled the castle and homes of the Kingdom of Aldour.  Queen Luna stood on the castle balcony, carved into the mountains over many years, listening and watching for any sign that would indicate that evil might remain where it was meant to be—far from her kingdom.  The hallways and rooms within the castle were filled with the bright light of the moon, providing a sense of hope, a glimmer of serenity in these troubled times.  The Kingdom had always been one of peace, ruled only to provide  freedom to the people, sharing all that the Kingdom of Aldour had to offer. A Queen of nature Luna was, one in control of many elves and forest creatures, blessed by nature with the gift of eternal life.  During her time as Queen she had witnessed many things, things good and bad, situations that would present themselves at the most unfortunate of times but always knowing that he who ruled at her side would never rule with an iron fist but with an open hand to promote peace.  Deep in thought, her mind still focusing on the forest and mountains that lay beyond, an owl shrieked a warning,  and Luna knew that change was coming to the Kingdom."

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