Monday, 20 May 2013

The Journey of Secrets Excerpt 2

"Okay we can do this, but if anything happens because of your so-called taste for adventure, I will never see the forest again, my dad will give me yet another speech and so will yours," Asalis warned.
"My dad is basically the Kings right hand man,”bragged Merk, “so if anything I should have every right to be in the castle. Now come on, let’s go before we miss everything," Merk said running past the bustling market which came alive each morning with the smell of fresh bread and colours of fruit and vegetables fresh from the fields. The stall keepers watched carefully as the children ran past the carts as they were very familiar with the two mischief makers. They had also become used to the outlandish stories of the pair’s tricks as they travelled through the city.
"Over there!" Merk said, pointing at a sewage entrance at the back of the castle, out of sight from everyone. Its potent stench was almost unbearable, even at a distance.
"Are you serious? We’re not getting into the castle by going in there, no one goes  in there for a very good reason," protested Asalis.
"Asalis are you coming or not? I am not going to waste time waiting for you."
Asalis hesitated and looked at Merk’s eager expression and his eyes waiting for an answer.
"I will stand watch and make sure that no one follows you but I am most certainly not going in there," Asalis said folding his arms and standing his ground.
"Very well, your loss then," Merk said, disappearing into the darkness of the tunnel.
Merk made his way through the many twists and turns of the sewage pipes, occasionally upsetting the small creatures that lived there. He finally found what he was looking for, a small passage leading to a back door that was used by the maintenance elves of the city. Merk always used this door to get into the castle, sometimes to listen in on conversations, but most of the time just to snatch something from the kitchen where all the glorious meals were prepared for the King, Queen and guests alike, a secret he had never told Asalis about. Leaving the pair of shoes that he’d worn through the sewer, he carefully made his way into the kitchen, bringing only a trace of the smell that pervaded the sewer. He made his way through a small door into the empty kitchen. He found it very strange that on this morning the kitchen was empty given that all the Kings and Queens had arrived at the Kingdom. Who was waiting on them? Where was all the good food? He crept past the servant quarters where he could hear a woman talking about the meeting and what it might entail as they had been told to remain in their rooms until further notice. The very fact that there was such a secretive meeting had awoken suspicion amongst all the elves as such a thing had never happened before, meaning the meeting must be something of great importance. 

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